Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump president - 2016

Nov 9, 2016

Trump president elect today.
Who would have thought Americans would elect such a big lying, racist, foolish, stupid, etc person as president?!

I understand if people didn't like Hillary because of Bengazi, emails, DNC's partiality against Bernie, her being a woman, her policy to raise taxes against the rich, etc.
But voting Trump to power? - I don't understand one bit.

He wants to revert back everything.. Nato, trade alliances, nuclear agreements (doesn't mind Saudi getting nukes), his own statements, etc.
Never is clear - Wants to deport mexicans.. or loves "mexican".. Wants to imprison all black americans or 'I like my black-american'..

Anyway, in the next 4 years.. I hope these things don't happen..
- America back in recession. EU, China are still in recession and America is the only country doing well.
- Mr Trump doesn't exercise his nuclear options based on his whims.
- Russia invades a few baltic countries and China grows belligerent while Trump is distracted (distracted with what you ask? anything! To start with.. building a wall.. or demanding NATO members protection money, etc)
- America doesn't get stuck in another long-drawn war.. Iraq is an example. This could very much happen.

I'm sure he'll not deport mexicans or many other things he's promised. Its not practical and Mr Trump doesn't usually stick to his words or promises if his campaign speeches are anything to go by.
I feel Mike Pence will be the real face behind the president's mask. President post is probably just a crown for Trump. He may wear it and stay back in his 'presidential' suite in Trump tower running his business empire. He is the 'most powerful Vice President ever' - ;)


  1. For Trump counselor Steve Bannon, the immigrants in the Silicon valley are the problem. When job creators are portrayed villains by the govt elected on job creation promise.

  2. Is this Modi moment or Kejriwal moment in US history?

  3. May be there's 20% of people in any society who were regarded experts and 80% of the people followed their opinions - used to choose and vote based on those opinions. (Used the pareto numbers. Could have also used majority/minority. And a person could be in both 80 and 20.. depending on topic)
    The 80% ppl followed the 20% ppl via TV news channels and newspaper editorials and columns.
    Today, due to social media - any catchy status, quote, slogan, anecdote, blog post, memes, etc consumables go viral. The 80% get informed/influenced in a very different way than via traditional media and more effectively. Everybody has a thirst for news and social media virals slake that thirst. They don't need to sift through real information or listen to detailed opinions fed by traditional media. People now want information that is immediate, that which is entertaining in terms of evoking laughter, emotions, confirming ones own beliefs, etc. Nobody now carries a newspaper in their bag to read during travel. Browsing on FB helps people catch up with news (of both friends and world at large and friends opinion on them) better.
    Traditional news media cannot compete with this. They are adapting to it by prioritizing sensational news and non-stop breaking news. Don't know if they'll be able to win.
    So.. end of the day, the 20% are wondering why the country votes Trump to power even after they explained so clearly on news channels.. and even after newspaper endorsements against him. Most people have stopped getting informed/influenced by them.